Upcoming Events

PAF-Mayor's Brunch, Kevin Cole, Paul Horn, Mike Foreman too

05/05/22 9:30am – 05/05/22 11:30am
Golfcrest Country Club in Green Tee
Join us for Breakfast and get reconnected. HAR updates and upcoming events.

Contracts-Residential Sales Contract Agreement, Sale and Lease

05/06/22 10:00am – 05/06/22 1:00pm
Redfish Inspections Training Room, 1002 Gemini St #200
3 hr CE, $25, Instructor Jim Atkinson, Lunch provided

TREC Legal 1

05/10/22 10:00am – 05/10/22 2:00pm
4 hrs CE, Instructor Sue Presley, $40

The In's and Out's of Home Insurance

05/12/22 11:30am – 05/12/22 1:30pm
Redfish Inspections Training Room, 1002 Gemini St #200
2 hr CE, $20, Instructor Alan Spears, Lunch provided

SETH Extra Edge Renovation Program

05/17/22 11:00am – 05/17/22 12:00pm
SETH office, 11111 S Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston 77069
No Charge, Courtesy of SETH, 1 hr CE, Instructor Rhonda Mitchell, Homeowner Director at SETH

Social Media Trends

05/18/22 10:00am – 05/18/22 1:00pm
NRL Training Rm, 4440 W Main St, League City, Tx 77573
3 hr CE, $25, Instructor Jasmine Badillo, Lunch provided

MCC Training for Realtors

05/19/22 11:00am – 05/19/22 12:00pm
SETH Office, 11111 S South Pkwy E, Houston 77089
Who gets the $2000 Grant Money? Where can I use the free MCC from SETH? (Southeast Texas Housing Financial Corp) No CE, No charge

Tax Strategies for the Real Estate Agent

05/19/22 10:00am – 05/19/22 11:30am
No charge, No CE, Great info with Bradford and Company. Great take aways! Things you need to know!

Commonly Misunderstood Forms

05/24/22 10:00am – 05/24/22 1:00pm
Fairway Mortgage, 711 Bay Area, Ste 400
3 hr CE, $25, Instructor Amy Cueto, Lunch provided, Meets contracts requirement

RPR, In it to Win it!

05/25/22 1:00pm – 05/25/22 5:00pm
Redfish Inspections Training Room, 1002 Gemini St #200
3 hr CE, $25, Instructor Jim Atkinson